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Making Legal Forms Easier And Affordable!

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If you can't locate the forms you are seeking in Autoforms, explore the Quicken Lawyer programs or California Landlord Forms for the legal documents you are in search of.

More than a few citizens find themselves in a situation that can only be handled within the legal system. Excessive attorney fees throughout the country produce countless individuals without sufficient funds to retain an attorney. As a result, many individuals have discovered that they are capable of filing certain legal forms by themselves and pleading their own case.

In California, more than 60% of divorces and 50% of bankruptcies are now done without attorney representation.  Simple matters like uncontested divorces, bankruptcies, name changes and many, many other matters do not justify the expense of attorneys who charge on average around $180 per hour. More and more Americans, fed-up with over-priced attorneys, are seeking alternatives.

Altough the legal industry is a $100 billion business, the majority of an average attorney's business is in the preparation of simple legal forms that are often prepared by non-attorney employees. 

Autoforms addresses the needs of people in California who have decided to eliminate attorney fees and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by preparing their own legal documents on their computers for their simple, uncontested legal matters. 

Copying and then completing legal forms on a typewriter is tedious and merciless work. A mistake could cost a person the time and effort of doing the same file over; worst yet, being denied the right to file their case.

With the use of Autoforms, completing legal forms on a computer is effortless. Correcting errors is simple. You will be able to print as many copies of the completed forms as you require. No need to go to the local courthouse to pick up legal forms. Autoforms makes legal forms easier and affordable!

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